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Spiritus: Perry v Schwarzenegger
Spiritus: Perry v Schwarzenegger
Plastic bags, breath, the complete transcript of fourteen days of oral arguments in Perry v Schwarzenegger, string, hardware

Photo Credit: Ayumi Sakamoto

Performed over fourteen days at HERE Art Center, New York City as part of "A Marriage: 1 (Suburbia)"

With the help of many community members we read the complete fourteen days of oral arguments in Perry v Schwarzenegger (the 2009 "prop. 8" case in California that legalized same-sex marriage in the state) As we read, we captured our breath in bags, tied each one and suspended them from multiple points, transforming the text into a physical volume of breath. Our voices were recorded as we read and looped into an accumulating soundscape. Vintage home videos were projected into the semi-transparent plastic bags.