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If you can donate anything, we'll send you an exclusive, members only quarterly e-newsletter (for a year) in which we’ll tell you what we’re up to, what we’ve learned along the way . . . you might even get some good anecdotes like that one time we got out of a speeding ticket by explaining the contemporary use of the word “Queer” to a Utah state trooper . . . In short, you’ll become part of the family of this project.

If you can make it $100+ we’ll send you a real hard copy of the newsletter (for a year), like olden times . . .

If you can join us at $200+, we'll also send you hand-written postcards from each state we visit (for a year . . . sensing a theme?) which I think we can promise will at the very least be entertaining . . . and maybe, just maybe occasionally mind-blowing!

If you can donate $1000+ we’ll send you the postcards and newsletter, but you’ll also get (am I starting to sound like Ron Popeil?) you’ll also get a limited edition work created specifically for our $1,000 sponsors. These are pieces we will never sell at a gallery, so this is the only way that you can get them. The first one, a 16”x16” microcrystalline wax panel made in the same style as the 50 STATES: WYOMING panels, is all ready to go.

The 50 STATES Project is fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) one of the nations oldest and most respected such programs.

This means that your donations to us through NYFA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. It also means your donation is technically a donation to NYFA, and they will redirect the funds (minus an 8% administrative fee) to us.

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To donate by check:
Checks must be made out to "New York Foundation for the Arts" with "50 STATES" in the memo line, and sent either to us:
Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin
40 East Cameron St
Apt #215
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Or directly to NYFA:
Attn: Fiscal Sponsorship
20 Jay Street, 7th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

If you're sending a check, give us a heads-up so that we know to look for/account for it.

Thank you for making this work we believe in so deeply possible!

- Nick & Jake

Thank you to our 2016 sustaining members:
Jessica Almasy, Alice Leora Briggs, Rachel Chavkin, Sadie Costello, AM DeBrincat, Rena Detrixhe, Robert Flynt, Sharmon Hilfinger & Luis Pardo, Lucy Jackson, Isabelle Laug, Rina & Malcolm Margolin, Kristin Marting, Jennifer McGrath, Janice Rubin& Charles Weise, Nina Rubin, Sherwin Rubin, Katya Schapiro, & Lawrence Schober.