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The 50 STATES Project is fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) one of the nations oldest and most respected such programs.

This means that your donations to us through NYFA are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. It also means your donation is technically a donation to NYFA, and they will redirect the funds (minus an 8% administrative fee) to us.

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Thank you for making this work we believe in so deeply possible!

Thank you to the following donors and sponsors:

Jessica Almasy, Bill Arning & Mark McCray, Bob Bacon, Devin Borden Gallery, Ellen Bartell, John Bradshaw, Alice Leora Briggs, Rachel Chavkin, Theresa Clarke & Christian Kelleher, Sadie Costello, CS Gulf Coast, AM DeBrincat, Rena Detrixhe, Robert Flynt, Sharmon Hilfinger & Luis Pardo, Lucy Jackson, Isabelle Laug, Legacy Clinic, James Magee & Camilla Carr, Rina & Malcolm Margolin, Kristin Marting, Jennifer McGrath, Beverly McPhail & Kevin Kulish, Russell Pitman, Peranteau/Sawyer, Jan Rattia, Janice Rubin & Charles Weise, Nina Rubin, Sherwin Rubin, Katya Schapiro, Lawrence Schober, The Transart Foundation for Art and Anthropology, Visual Arts Alliance, Sixto Wagan, and numerous anonymous donors.