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Jenny Bel-Air
Jenny Bel-Air
Hand-cut found road map
16.5"x14.5" (framed)

An ongoing series of cut maps of queer activists.

Conceived as commissions priced at $1,400 to match the March 2021 stimulus checks sent out a year into the COVID-19 pandemic. We think images of these pieces will all come together in some form or another eventually (maybe a children's book?)

Shoot us an email if you want to commission one, either from the list of prominent activists we are already planning on making, or of an activist you love who you would like to see included in this series.


- If you, like us, live in Texas, you get to also pay sales tax, supporting the local coffers which in turn support all of us.

- We’ll ship the work, FedEx, anywhere in the continental US. Anywhere else, you gotta cover shipping.

- They’ll be custom framed sandwiched between plexiglas (either open in back or backed with black). We can do museum glass, but you gotta cover that.

Below is an evolving list of activists we are thinking about, and the states we think we'll cut them into (though some state choices are very much under debate).

Those in bold have been claimed by collectors.

ACTIVISTS (2021- )

Ray Hill (Texas)
Barbara Jordan (Texas)
Charles Law (Texas)
Monica Roberts (Texas)
Billy Ert (Texas)
Gloria Anzaldúa (Texas)
Pat Parker (Texas/California)
Gary Van Ooteghem (Texas)
Rita Wanstrom (Texas)
John Burnside (California)
Del Martin (California)
Harvey Milk (California)
Virginia Prince (California)
Jose Sarria (California)
Adrienne Rich (California/New York/Maryland/Mass)
James Baldwin (New York)
Audre Lorde (New York)
Kiyoshi Kuromiya (Wyoming)
Harry Hay (New Mexico/California)
Florence Kennedy (Missouri/New York)
Michiyo Fukaya (Vermont)
Annise Parker (Texas)
Ruth Ellis (Illinois/Michigan)
Bayard Rustin (Washington D.C.)
Stormé DeLarverie: (Louisiana/New York)
Ernestine Eckstein (Indiana/New York)
Phyllis Lyon (Oklahoma/California)
Pauli Murray (Maryland)
Pedro Zamora (California)
William Dorsey Swann (Maryland)
Jenny Bel'Air (Paris)
Sylvester (California)
Gladys Bentley (New York)
Mekeva McNeil(Texas)
Roberta Achtenberg and Susan Shain (California)

Molly Ivins