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Political Gestures
Political Gestures

Installation View
(Pictured: Nikkoda La'vie)

Created by:
Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin

In collaboration with:
Andrew Schneider
Nikki La’vie
Gizele Monáe
Anita Richards
Josie Lee Turrelle
Carden Crow

Conceived, directed, and edited by: Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin
Featuring performers: Nikki La’Vie (Mercy Monroe), Gizele Monáe, Anita Richards & Josie Lee Turrelle.
Interviews and Facebook posts: Carden Crow (founder and director of Tahlequality)
Director of Photography: Andrew Schneider
Footage shot by: Andrew Schneider, Nick Vaughan & Jake Margolin
Additional sound by: Charles Wiese

Political Gestures is a multi-channel video installation featuring overtly political drag performances created in collaboration with drag queens from Oklahoma. Celebrating the historical and underappreciated role of drag in the struggle for LGBTQ+ progress Political Gestures incorporates speeches from the 1979 March on Washington For Gay and Lesbian Rights, radically political queer music, and interviews with Carden Crow, founder and director of Tahlequah, Oklahoma's pride organization Tahlequality.