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The Scene (Detail)
Anonymous Queen, Mary’s Naturally 1976 (based on a photograph by Janice Rubin)
The Scene (Detail)
Anonymous Queen, Mary’s Naturally 1976 (based on a photograph by Janice Rubin)
hand-cut found road maps

The Scene (Houston: 1969-1981)
HCC Southeast October 10 - November 13 2017

Eight hand-cut found road maps based on photographs of Houston Drag Queens from 1969 to 1989. Based on source imagery found in collaboration with Houston photographers, archivists, and community members, The Scene provides a glimpse into Houston's diverse and thriving drag scene in the years between Stonewall and the beginning of the AIDS crisis, and reflects on the city's historic and underappreciated role as a destination and refuge for LGBTQ citizens in the Gulf Coast region.

The Scene premiers at the Wedge Space at Houston Community College (HCC) Southeast Oct 10 - Nov 13 2017.

After this premier the maps will be split apart and shown simultaneously in several Houston LGBTQ bars. (check back here for details as they are confirmed).

Nov. 2nd
11:20 + 6:20 (60 minutes)
HCC Southeast Learning Hub Gallery
Artists Lecture: "Yes Queen, Yes: Views of the Houston Drag Scene from Stonewall to the Onset of the AIDS Crisis As Told By Two Outsiders"

Nov. 9th
Location TBA
Screenings of short documentaries of the Houston drag scene including:
"Wendy Chicago" (2004) by Walt Zipprian
and selected archival video curated by Jason Carr.

The Scene is funded in part by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance, and is made possible with support from the Invisible Dog Art Center, Brooklyn. The Scene is presented courtesy of Devin Borden Gallery.

Show and ancillary programing information for The Scene and a wealth of other cultural events in Houston can be found at Artshound.

Arts + Culture Texas Magazine's October 2017 issue has a profile on Nick & Jake and this project.